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In School Solution !!!

    When we talk about 21st Century Education and key competencies the whole echo-system on an educational institution has to be attuned to that. The educational institutions need to evolve an environment which is conducive to learning, a safe well-arranged and well maintained infrastructure which is suited not only learning but suited for developing community and social skills. STEM India robotics provides end to end solution for setting up a robotics lab in the schools and organization ,and also provide training for the same with certified trainers.
    Robotics is an excellent, multidisciplinary field to impart practical, hands-on learning to students to understand important core CS-STEM subjects such as physics, maths, design, construction, structures, engineering and programming.

Camps !!!

    STEM India Robotics conduts Summer and Winter camps at diffrent locations. A camp is a special type of community where kids come together to have fun and explore more. Within the camp setting, children develop a sense of independence as they try implementing their ideas. Our camps provide a safe environment where children gain self-confidence as they learn new skills and develop a variety of social skills (e.g., communication, conflict resolution ability).

WorkShops !!!

    STEM India Robotics conducts workshops which has an interactive learning session carried out by a facilitator to a group of participants. The group may be small or large and steers away from the traditional form of learning wherein hands-on learning takes place.
    We always focus on making this a GREAT experience for our students. Organizing a workshop will take a great deal to enable children to become motivated and engaged in Science, Mathematics and Technology through observation, experimentation, inference, drawing, model, building, rational reasoning, testability etc.

Competitions !!!

    STEM India Robotics provides plateform to the students to showcase their talent in the National and International level Robotics competitions like FLL, JRFLL, WRO etc.
    Young children are natural learners whose minds are full of innovation and ideas, constructed by their own experiences with their environment. Science and Technology is for everyone if it is taught properly with exposure to advanced practical at the early stage, will help in enhancing proficiency.